Sunday, March 25, 2012

UP With Chris Hayes - Atheism

Link to the show.

This deserves its own post.  Check out the link here to this morning's program on MSNBC, UP with Chris Hayes.  The segment is entitled Atheism,  and may have been inspired by the Reason Rally yesterday in Washington DC.

Chris Hayes' guests included Richard Dawkins, Jamila Bey, Stephen Pinker and others, including a Christian pastor, Mike Aus, who came out as an atheist.

This is television that matters.  Kudos to Hayes.

The link goes to a page with lots of links and video with the entire program broken up into manageable segments.  There are also links to related interviews and stories.  I haven't finished it myself yet (parenting duties, don'tcha know), but I look forward to finishing tonight.  I did not want to wait until then to post this, though.

Link, again.  Enjoy!

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