Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Cover, March 31, 1945

In honor of April Fool's Day tomorrow,  a fun little challenge.

See if you can find the 51 mistakes or "fools" in this painting by Norman Rockwell.

Also, the calendar on the tree mentions Monday, April 1, 1945 when apparently April 1 fell on Sunday that year, just like this year.


  1. he's wearing skis, —fishing for a lobster out of a can, —wearing earmuffs, —theres a phone hooked up to the tree, —I think the crocodile is meant to trick you into seeing train tracks or something(or maybe you're supposed to mistake it for roots), —there's some sort of bird in his lap —a penguin jumping off of his head,—grapes, apples, and what appears to be a baseball growing off the tree—there's a seashell by the crocodile's foot—a bunny/turtle coming out from under the guitar thing—and a snake coming out of the guitar thing—it looks like it might be winter in the right side background— i guess the day of the week is wrong on the calendar—he signed his name upside down— the guys is wearing one glove—OH his fishing pole is backwards!—whatever is behind him probably shouldn't be there.

  2. Well done, Anonymous! You did yeoman's work - and named 20 April Fools' errors. Thanks or playing!

  3. Actually, you've probably named more than twenty, since several of those could be counted as two or more (ie. fishing for a lobster out of a can). Even more well done, you! :D