Friday, March 22, 2013

Thank Gods It's FreyaDay!

Good Morning, Humans!

May I present to you some must-see video?

Our very own Apollo will demonstrate why no home should be without a cat.

Or three.

Definitely three cats.

Thank gods it's FreyaDay!

Ying & Yang

One is a tortie, the other Ginger & White,
one loves to cuddle, the other loves to fight.

When they were born there was no one to care,
they were cold & hungry and had fleas in their hair.

Then came the day when they found a new home,
with food always there and toys of their own.

A meowmie to snuggle with and a daddy to play,
for the first time in their lives it's going their way.

Now nothing can hurt them, they can be cold again never,
they can finally be happy, for now and forever.

-Leanne Conway

Our "Yin and Yang",  Artemis and Apollo aka the twins!

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