Thursday, March 7, 2013

Isn't That Just Ducky!

Hello there!

Do you want to read this book?

Let's read! I will help you!

<sniff rustle sniffsniff rustlerustle>  (snort) Hmm.

Do you know that there are no pictures in this book?  Silly book!

I can find you a better book.

Sit down right here and I will find you a good book.

(scamper scamper scamperscamperscamperscamper)


(shhttp! tictic shhhtp! tictic shhhhtp!ticticsshhhhttppp!)

Here is a good book! Look! Look! ->

This book is the best!

Let's read! You'll love it! Let's read!

Isn't that just Ducky!

Go Dog Go!  (excerpt)


Big dog. Little dog.

Big dogs and little dogs. Black and white dogs.



"Do you like my hat?"

"I do not."



- P.D. Eastman, Go Dog Go, 1961.

This is my favorite part! 

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