Friday, August 31, 2012

The Man From Bloomfield Hills

This is too good not to share. via

A SNL-esque short mockumentary of Mitt Romney's hardscrabble life.

"During his college days at Stanford, the young Mitt showed his patriotism by protesting the communists, beatniks and other social degenerates who questioned our country's involvement in the war in Viet Nam. Mitt would have fought in the war himself, but sometimes serving your country means staying the hell out of the way. Mitt took his fight to the other Viet Nam - Paris, France - where he stood on the front line of the battle to convert French people to Mormonism..."

"Principle. Duty. Conservative values.  The man from Bloomfield Hills will always have the taste of caviar in his mouth and the smell of freshly opened tennis ball cans in his nostrils. He knows we can make America great again by making all the rich people richer and by saying "Tough cookies" to the haters.
There's something in the air. Just take a walk down the avenues of Bloomfield Hills and - before security asks you to leave - you'll hear it. That's the sound of Mitt Romney's America."