Friday, February 1, 2013

Thank Gods It's FreyaDay!

Good Morning, Humans.

It is the first day of February, the time when one really notices the days lengthening again.

Well, one would notice the days lengthening if one could stand the cold long enough to take a look outside!

Did I mention that we have moved to Minnesota?

My humans seem to love it. I have my doubts about their sanity.

Have you seen the weather outside? 35 below with wind chill!

I have decided that the best way to cope is to curl up and sleep.

And the twins have sensibly followed my example.  -->

It is quite cozy here, actually, snuggled up by the fire.

Prrrr. All is right with the world.

Thank gods it's FreyaDay!


On A Night of Snow

Look at this foolish feline!
No, close the door, you fool!
Cat, if you go outdoors, you must walk in the snow.
You will come back with little white shoes on your feet,
little white shoes of snow that have heels of sleet.
Stay by the fire, my Cat.  Lie still, do not go.
See how the flames are leaping and hissing low,
I will bring you a saucer of milk like a marguerite,
so white and so smooth, so spherical and so sweet -
stay with me, Cat. Outdoors the wild winds blow.

Outdoors the wild winds blow, Mistress, and dark is the night,
strange voices cry in the trees, intoning strange lore,
and more than cats move, lit by our eyes green light,
on silent feet where the meadow grasses hang hoar -
Mistress, there are portents abroad of magic and might,
and things that are yet to be done.  Open the door!

 - Elizabeth Coatsworth

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