Thursday, September 20, 2012

xkcd's World Of Wonders

My favorite freethinking poet, Digital Cuttlefish posted a link to this amazing cartoon by (also my favorite!) always-thinking cartoonist, xkcd.   The cartoon is called Click and Drag and that is exactly what you do - click on the image and drag your curser to open up a huge world of wonders. The artist presents landscapes, people, animals, intriguing mysteries, human innovations, surprises, funny quips, thoughtful moments and even Waldo™ all in his trademark black-and-white, silhouette technique.

It is, in a word, awesome.

One blogger (ComicMix) has mentioned that if you were to print this comic out large enough to read, it would cover the end zone in a football field. Another blogger (boingboing) mentioned that the comic pays tribute to the novel The House of Leaves, as the final panel expands to an enormous world far beyond what a normal cartoon panel could ever hold.

I just think the mountains and the valleys and the surprises and the cartoon people doing things all over this amazing hidden world inside a comic panel is really cool!

Do yourself a favour. Clear your calendar, have a friend hold your calls, and carve out a couple of free hours to enter xkcd's world of wonders. You'll be glad you did!

For those of us who just can't clear that much time at once, don't despair! You can click and drag at will using the permanent link above. I have it open in another tab and can just browse around when I have a few free moments...

OOOhh! I see a giant jellyfish!  TTYL!

This is a still photo of the cartoon. Please use the permanent link for the full click and drag experience.