Monday, September 3, 2012

More Of This, Please.

We know who built this country and we know who is going to rebuild it!

NPR posted a story today wondering if the President would be trying to re-introduce "Hope" at the Democratic National Convention this week in Charlotte, NC.

I hope (heh) that is not the President's plan, not because we do not need hope, but because I do not think we need hope re-introduced. The American people already have hope. It is one of the most deeply animating characteristics of this country.  What the country needs now is a plan to rekindle the source of the hope which underwrites the American Dream and I think the Vice-President may have signalled what the plan may be. If I am correct... Halleluia!

"Romney and Ryan don't think that much about you guys," he said at the outdoor rally. "They view you, the working women and men of America as the problem. We view you as the solution. Look folks, we know who built this country and we know who is going to rebuild it. It's you. Instead of vilifying you, we should be thanking you. We owe you." Vice-President Joe Biden at a rally in Detroit MI, today.

Joe Biden is absolutely right about this and it is so heartening to see him speaking about it.

More of this please!  This is what the American people deserve to hear!