Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Accio, Fantastic Beasts!

Re-enter the wizarding world of Harry Potter? Yes, please, NOW!

Wait. What??!!  I have to wait until November 2016??!!??  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

The New Year has not even begun yet and now there is a reason to kind of hope 2016 flies by!  J.K. Rowling and company really ought to be ashamed of themselves - this is aiding and abetting very unhealthy thinking!

And wait, wait! It gets better! Eddie Redmayne in the lead as Newt Scamander!

Ok, so this trailer is laughably lame. Absurd, pathetic, unsatisfying and oh for the love of all that is magical, can't they release this film in the spring instead?!?

This newly released movie poster, on the other hand, rocks! How will wizarding world fans ever survive the wait?

ACCIO, Fantastic Beasts!

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