Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank Gods It's FreyaDay!

Good Day, Humans.

We had our first real snow on Tuesday.

Oh no, your eyes are not deceiving you

I said "snow".

What is this place?
Warm sun on my face, while the chilly air
lightly whispers against my body. Odd!
I think I like this!

Leaves are still on the shrubbery

and now they are covered with snow!

Scarlet foliage now draped in frosty white;

fluffy white collars on street lamps and railings.

Is this a magic place?

Some days, I think so.

It is a place where seasons flip and twirl

and the morning light shines down

on daily surprises.

I think I like this place.

It is obviously too cold

but still ...

I think I like it.

Thank gods it's FreyaDay!

Snow Cat

The tiger stirred from sweet repose
For hunger grew once more...
Despite the cool, cool ice that froze,
The pain began to gnaw...
The boy-twin peers outside, but inside his
silly head thoughts of heroism and
adventure swirl.  He is a feline
Walter Mitty. (sigh)
His eyes now looked with stern intent
At creatures near and far,
Not one of these could be his friend,
For his sharp claws could scar...
He prowled along, with stealth, with guile,
His eyes like black night coals.
His hidden hunger would defile
His soul with evil goals.
He didn't pine for fruit or grass
Like other creatures would...
If he saw them, he'd merely pass
For he sought something good.
To him, that meant some meat to eat
And nothing else seemed right...
For this, he'd chase and he'd compete
With courage and with might!
He looked so sleek, so fit, so firm,
So proud and quite supreme...
Yet he must serve this Winter term
A prisoner to his dream...
The creatures feared him night and day...
They hid when he came close...
To him, they were his meat, his prey...
To them, his life he owes...

- Denis Martindale




    My cat stays safe within my house
    From all that snow outside,
    Wherein there dwells no single mouse
    And that I say with pride!
    Yet that darn cat has plans and schemes
    Beyond this cold, cold day
    And when he sleeps, he sometimes dreams
    Of those on which to prey...

    I call him Walter Kitty since
    He daydreams all the time,
    Of thwarting dogs like Rex and Prince
    With cheetah speeds sublime...
    He wants to be a mountaineer,
    Climb taller than a tree
    And never to look down with fear,
    The best that he can be!

    I've seen him stare across the street
    With wistful looks so calm,
    To watch birds fly and hear them tweet
    For they won't come to harm...
    They know that Walter Kitty's there,
    But he can't do a thing,
    They taunt him, make him stop and stare,
    They mock him as they sing!

    But Walter Kitty knows their game!
    He's wise to every ploy!
    When he's outside he shows no shame,
    Those birdies to annoy!
    With eyes as big as goldfish bowls
    He glances left and right,
    To see each postman as he strolls
    Or pizza guys at night...

    Yes, Walter's waiting, pausing still,
    No catflap yet installed,
    Or else he'd climb that yonder hill
    Like Everest enthralled!
    Or sit upon some car roof while
    The passing humans sighed,
    To shake his paw and with a smile
    Think they were brave they tried...

    For Walter can be cruel or kind,
    A hero now and then,
    Depending on his frame of mind
    Or hungry once again!
    Cat food can't feed his appetites,
    My cat was born to stray..
    That's why he scratches, claws and bites
    When he goes out to play!

    Denis Martindale, copyright, November 2013.

  2. This is awesome! Thank you, Denis Martindale!